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I can’t believe that it is 2019 already and I have been tagged to take part in The Top 7 tag by Jaymee from The Mum Diaries. The Top 7 Tag was started by One Frazzled Mum and asks me to share my favourite 7 blog posts, 7 things I loved about 2018, 7 thinks I am looking forward to in 2019 and then tag 7 other bloggers to take part.

My 7 Favourite blog posts

In January, I headed up to Inverness to spend a few days at Eagle Brae with an amazing bunch of bloggers. We went to Loch Ness, ate Haggis and generally had an amazing time in the Scottish Highlands.

Luxury Holiday Accommodation in the Highlands – Eagle Brae

I have really enjoyed working with Hotel Football this year on the BlogOn conferences and also to promote the Hotel. Alison had a great time taking part in a football training session with Phil Neville on the football pitch on the top floor of the hotel.

Summer Football Camp at Hotel Football

As a family, we headed to Holland to spend a few days at the Efteling Theme Park. It is one of our favourite places to visit and my girls really enjoyed making a video of their experience.

Efteling Theme park – A world of fairy tale magic

We always enjoy going to Camp Bestival and 2018 made it very memorable. Ok so it wasn’t the most stress-free experience but it certainly created some awesome memories.

Camp Bestival 2018 – Wind, Rain and lots of fun

I love solving puzzles and spending the evening with one of my close friends running around the Crystal Maze was definitely a highlight of my year.

The Crystal Maze experience – 1st birthday

Meeting Jim Cummings and eating Afternoon Tea at Claridges was an amazing experience and I was really happy to share it with my mum and kids.

Christopher Robin – An afternoon tea with the voice of Winnie the Pooh

I loved spending the summer holidays with my girls and we had lots of adventures including this one at Warwick Castle.

Warwick Castle – The Horrible Histories maze – Merlin Annual Pass ambassadors

7 things I loved about 2018

2018 has been an amazing year full of memories so choosing just 7 is quite difficult especially as most of my favourite ones are already listed above. However here goes.

Hosting 2 BlogOn Conferences – I have been running the BlogOn conferences since 2012 and 2018 saw me host the 10th and 11th events with the BlogOn Toy Awards doing really well in September.

Spending another year at home working for myself – I started working from home because Elizabeth was ill. I never expected to still be at home all these years later so I am really proud that I have managed to create a sustainable business and be here for my girls each day.

Seeing my girls on stage at Kidtropolis – This year my girls have really embraced being kidfluencers and they are doing really well on PopJam where they have over 27k followers. They took part in a toy unboxing at Kidtropolis where they were on stage with TV presenter Nigel Clarke.

Going to the Nintendo LABO launch event and featuring on the TV Advert – When we agreed to go to the LABO launch event we had no idea they were filming the TV advert so seeing our faces on the TV for the first time was a bit of a surprise but we are proud to have helped to promote such a great product.

Teaching my girls how to go crabbing – In the May half term we went on a John Fowler holiday near Brixton and we spent a few days crabbing off the pier which was so much fun and something my girls absolutely loved. We experimented with different nets and food to see what would catch the biggest crabs

Learning to Scuba Dive in Cuba – Before we headed to Cuba I was doing some research on different activities and decided to give Scuba Diving a go. I loved it and for Christmas, my husband bought me a voucher to get my PADI certification ready for when we go on holiday next time.

Spending New Year at Butlins – We have just come back from Butlins where we spent New Year. Seeing in the new year together as a family with lots of entertainment was brilliant and we really enjoyed it.

7 things I am looking forward to in 2019

Heading back to Butlins to see the new pool – We have visited Butlins Bognor Regis for the last eight years and are always excited by the changes but the new pool is the biggest change we have seen in a while and we can’t wait to go down all of the slides.

A summer full of festivals – We are already booked to go to Nozstock as a family and we are hoping to be invited to go to Camp Bestival as well. I am also going to Download Festival without the kids which is very excited as I have not been for 10 years.

Visiting more Merlin Attractions with our Annual Passes – Our Merlin Annual Passes don’t run out until May so we have a few school holidays to fill with adventures. We didn’t actually make it to any of the theme parks last year so our aim is to go to them all before the passes run out.

Staycations – At the moment we don’t have any foreign holiday plans but we do have a few Staycations booked including going to Cornwall with John Fowler Holidays in May and a couple of trips to Butlins. I am sure there will be more UK based adventures as well.

Elizabeth starting secondary school – As scary as that is, Elizabeth starts secondary school in September and she is already excited about the prospect.

10th wedding anniversary – Halloween 2019 sees us celebrating our 10th Wedding Anniversary. I am sure we will celebrate in some way and can’t wait to mark the occasion.

Two more fabulous BlogOn conferences – We already have the date for the first BlogOn which will take place on May 4th and we also hope to host our second event at the end of September.

Tagging the following bloggers. I look forward to reading your posts.

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  1. Thanks for joining in with the tag Laura loved reading this. It sounds like 2018 was a great year! I’m hoping to be back at blog on in September again this year

  2. Oh what a great Chris’s present! That’s so cool. Exciting you are going to have your 10th Anniversary too – shame 4 weddings won’t come back and do a “10 years on” 🙂
    I’m taking a couple more days to clear this flu because I’m still just shattered and a bit blind with a muggy head, but I’m really looking forward to getting my post live at the start of next week 🙂 Happy New year guys x

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