The Crystal Maze experience – 1st birthday

A few weeks ago I headed to Manchester with one of the mums from school for a rather unusual evening. You see I was invited to The Crystal Maze experience to help them to celebrate their 1st Birthday and I was very excited. I loved watching The Crystal Maze when I was younger so I was intrigued to see if The Crystal Maze Experience would live up to my expectations.

You are unable to take your phones or cameras into The Crystal Maze Experience so unfortunately there are no pictures or videos of me taking part in any of the challenges but I have to say that they definitely surpassed everything that I could have hoped them to be.

When we first arrived we were placed on a team with 6 strapping gentlemen who liked to flex their muscles and ask for the physical challenges. We were taken to our first area where we met our crazy Maze Master. We were raced around the four different areas (Aztec, Industrial, Futuristic and Medieval) and took part in a variety of challenges including Mystery, Skill, Physical and Mental.

Our team of 8 managed to get 9 Crystals between us with my friend getting two and I managed to get one out of the two challenges that I took part in. I did a Mystery and a Mental challenge which saw me try to balance some scales with weighted bags  (I failed) and find some coordinates in the sand which led me to a Crystal (I succeeded). The challenges all varied and they were all brilliant.

Each of the themed areas is brilliant and the slide into the Aztec zone was my favourite part of the night. I definitely recommend wearing comfortable clothes and shoes as there is a lot of running and you never know what challenge you will face before you make your way into the dome.

Out of the three teams playing on the night, we had the most Crystals which gave us the most time inside the dome but even then we only won by just a handful of tickets. I am now the proud owner of a Crystal Maze Experience Crystal which has pride of place on my desk to remind me of this wonderful evening.

Now all I want to do is put together my very own dream team and head back to conquer the challenges all over again.

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