Attention! Beware of These Holiday Decor Pitfalls

When we talk about holiday décor, the first thing that comes to our mind is the Christmas décor. As the Christmas approaches people to tend to decorate their houses attractively. However, many times it has been found that people make a lot of mistakes while decorating and these make your home look shoddy, misuse energy and even put family and home at risk. In case you are planning to decorate your home, make sure that you do not make such holiday décor pitfalls. Mentioned below are some of the common holiday décor drawbacks that should be avoided

Force red and green into the decor

This is one of the most common mistakes that people make as they think that the colour of the season is red and green and they forcefully try to incorporate it into the décor. The home décor experts state that it is not necessary at all; instead one should coordinate holiday accessories around the home’s everyday décor. For instance, one can use the primary colour scheme such as purple, teal, and maroon as a foundation and accent it with metallic festival themed accessories in silver or gold.

Do not forget to add personal flair to the store bought holiday decor

Decor that you buy from stores can look simple, common and mass-produced. Therefore, it is important that you add a custom-made touch without really making all of your decorations and you can even aim to dress up the showpieces which you have bought. This way you can make the decors look unique and customized even though you have bought them from the store.

Do not allow Christmas lights to become a security risk

To have a safe holiday, it is of extreme importance that you inspect the lights for any loose-fitting bulbs or sticking out wires. Fix lights so there are no loose ends which can cause people to trip, and ensure to utilize cord covers if you have pets or young children. A house illuminated with Christmas lights is an eye-catching sight to behold. But stringing lights on the roof and around the home can be a real safety risk if you are not careful. Prior to you stringing up a single strand of lights, cautiously check them for broken cords, loose connections or frayed ends.

Refrain from placing a Christmas tree in the wrong place

If you go through all the dilemma of cutting down and decorating a Christmas tree, it should be the star of the room. This means a little furniture reorganization is worth it to find the perfect place to stand your tree, possibly in a visible corner or against the main wall where it right away draws your eye. And be watchful of what is surrounding it; ensure it is far-off from space heaters, fireplaces, radiators, and anything else that can cause it to go up in flames. You can ideally place the Christmas tree surrounded by fire retardant artificial trees such as indoor tropical trees. You can even place artificial outdoor topiary plants as well as fire retardant trees and flowers around the Xmas tree to give the place a lively as well as stunning look. A vast range of tropical artificial plants are available in the market which offers the look of real plants so one cannot even make out whether they are fake or real.

Refrain from overdoing the decor

Keep in mind that you do not need to display each single holiday decoration you have gathered over the years. Rather than being sentimental you should pay attention to what is actually needed to decorate the space. Or else you will just end up making your home look cluttered and sloppy. For instance, if you have two Xmas trees you can only choose the one which looks stunning and will be a perfect fit for the place. Too many lights up reindeer, Santas, an elaborate nativity scene can throw bystander into sensory overload and make it difficult to understand any of them. Abide by the rule of few decorations, or fix for a more traditional look with a stunning circlet or large red bow on the door and faux candles in each window.

Do not Expect Things to Be Perfect

Holidays are nerve-racking enough. Rather than fretting about the broken antique ornament, charred turkey, or mess of wrapping paper, keep in mind that no matter how much you plan in advance, something will go wrong. So take a deep breath, calm down, and then start with the decoration. This will ensure that you can get the decoration done in time and that too in the best way possible.

Keep the safety of the furry friends and kids in mind

When you start with the holiday decor, it is important to keep the safety of the furry friends as well as the kids in mind. The key things to watch out for is your pet getting twisted in holiday lights and possible eating hazards, for instance, the water in the Christmas tree stand, plants, and candy left out in the open. In case your child is at the age where they take hold of everything they see, avoid hanging knick-knacks from the tree branches they can get to; this would thwart breakage and make it difficult for them to find small parts to put into the mouth. Avoid poisonous plants if you have pets and kids and do not leave food unattended. Take every safety measure you can for the security of your pets in addition to those who may be visiting as the last thing you want is an emergency trip to the doctor.

Do not ignore the washroom

With guests dropping in, give the bathroom a quick makeover once. Make sure there are adequate clean towels, soap and toilet paper. You can even try to add a small bouquet of berries or candle to add a festive touch to the bathroom.


These are some of the simple holiday décor pitfalls that you should avoid when decorating the house during Christmas.