Warwick Castle – The Horrible Histories maze – Merlin Annual Pass ambassadors

As premium Merlin Annual Passholders we love spending the summer holidays visiting various attractions around the UK. One of the ones that I have been trying to convince my girls to visit for a few years is Warwick Castle. We finally made the trip last week and both of my girls were really surprised by how much they enjoyed their time there. Although we did spend some of our time exploring the castle and the grounds the thing that my girls loved the most was the Horrible Histories Maze.

They are both huge fans of Horrible Histories so they were very excited when they realised that there was a whole Horrible Histories maze to explore guided by rattus.

Use the Time Passport that you collect at the beginning of the Horrible Histories maze and journey through the six time zones collecting stamps and learning more about each of the time periods as you go.

The six areas to visit are Vicious Vikings, Terrifying Tudors, Slimy Stuarts, Measly middle ages, Stormin’ Normans and Frightful First World War. Each of the areas is themed and has a variety of facts about the time period. There are also obstacles, activities and special effects.

You can invade a Viking ship, explore the trenches, uncover evil plots and escape the maze, all whilst learning various facts and having lots of fun.


There are obviously lots of other reasons to visit Warwick Castle such as the daily shows – The bowman, flight of the eagles and the mighty trebuchet. You can also visit the Castle Dungeon, spend time wondering the halls and the castle grounds, learning more about the history and restoration of the castle.

There are lots of special events that take place at Warwick Castle over the year including a Halloween spooktacular and Christmas at the castle. You can also look at staying over in the Knight’s village lodges, medieval glamping for a special short break getaway.