Introducing the Lumo Stars

Inspired by Nordic nature and mythologies, the gorgeous Lumo Stars by Tactic will capture your imagination and have the whole family fighting over these super soft fluffy characters.

The Lumo Stars characters are created from the Northern Brights storybook. Each of the Northern Brights collection is a cuddly animal character that is made from soft plush and they have beautiful colourful eyes that are made to look like the Northern Lights.

As well as the book and the plush you can also download the free Lumo Stars app where you can bring your Lumo Stars to life by scanning the QR code on the tag. The app allows you to feed and play with your Lumo Star. As you take care of your Lumo Star you can watch them grow in the magical app world. This is something that my girls have really enjoyed playing with and something that we definitely recommend.

The Lumo Stars come in a variety of characters and some of them are even featured in the storybook. You can meet all the characters on the Lumo Stars website and read all about them in the Northern Brights book which tells the story of the northern hemisphere and the nightless summer and the dark winter and the importance of friends.

The Lumo Star plush are available in big 24cm plush for £12.99, classic 15cm plush for £6.99 – £7.99 and keyrings for £3.99. I think that this is really good value for these soft toys as they are really well made and a good size. I love the colours in their eyes which were hard to show in the photos but they shimmer with a variety of colours that makes then look like they are glowing.

We love Lumo Stars and my girls are already choosing which characters they want to add to their collections.