Mighty Muggs collectables by Hasbro

Alison is a real fan of Marvel and Star Wars so when we were asked if we would like to receive some of the new Mighty Muggs I knew that she would love them. Mighty Muggs are suitable for children aged 6 years plus and they are made by Hasbro.

Mighty Muggs are collectable figures that are available in a variety of styles and characters. Which makes them highly collectable and something that Alison absolutely loves.

The Mighty Muggs have three different expressions which you change by pressing down on the top of their heads.

Mighty Muggs are really cute and with such a wide range of characters, I know that they will be really popular with adults and kids alike and that they will be appearing on lots of peoples present wish lists very soon.

You can get Might Muggs in a variety of licensed styles including Marvel, Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Transformers. There are lots of them already available and we have already chosen a few more characters that we would like to add to our collection.