Butlins Skyline Gang – The changes to Bud

If you are an avid fan of Butlins and the Skyline Gang you may have seen some of the images of the new look Bud.
Bud used to have red dreadlocks and skate around on his skateboard using the catchphrase “awesome”. However this year he decides that he wants a new look and Mimi performs a bit of magic that transforms him into a highly intelligent boy with glasses, short hair and his name in what looks like a version of the periodic table on his chest.
Poor Dude has lost his place as the brainy one among the gang. as Bud takes his intelligence to a whole new level. Although shocked by this change the adults and children alike that watched the show seemed to enjoy it and it wasn’t long before we saw children running around the Skyline in the new look Bud costume that was available in the Butlins store.Every time Butlins make a change you will always have people who complain but to keep things fresh and new they need to do these things and I look forward to seeing more of the Skyline Gang shows with this new version of Bud helping the gang to solve their many problems.

Check out this video which includes the new look Bud.

We like the new look Bud but I do wonder if the message that you can change your personality based on your looks is the right one to be giving to our kids?

5 thoughts on “Butlins Skyline Gang – The changes to Bud”

  1. I hate the change. Bud was the cool skater dude with dreadlocks and now hes a nerd which I have nothing against, it’s just not bud anymore. They should of just added a new nerdy character, not changed bud to keep things fresh. Like his name used to be a face and now it’s some things from the periodic table and it’s like the complete opposite of bud.

  2. Changing bud was a completely wrong move. My son is autistic n we have tears every time he watches the skyline gang cos it’s not bud anymore. Anyone with asd children will know how difficult it is for them to adapt to change is and for their favourite character to completely change has just devastates him. I totally agree abt the shows as we come twice a year n we get fed up with seeing the same shows

  3. I totally agree about changing the acts we’ve been coming 8 years this year and have seen the same shows every year

  4. To quote the original poster ‘Every time Butlins make a change you will always have people who complain but to keep things fresh and new they need to do these things’. You are completely right Butlins do need to change things to keep thing fresh. How about change the acts. I have been there 3 years running and watched the sames shows except ‘its magic’. I do not believe in changing the look of a character that’s just a money making scheme for Butlins, all bud fans now need to buy the new costume. Same old show for Angelina, same old fireman Sam and Thomas the tank. I used to go there in the 80’s when Butlins was a great place to go and was different every year. Nothing pulling the kids back today.

  5. My kids hate the new bud and were gutted to see the transformation this summer. Had to talk them into remaining watching the show. Now their favourites are candi and sprout…..until they ruin them too. They also begged me not to change. Not the best idea butlins have ever had. Make a new character,dont change the old ones

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