Afternoon Tea at the Blackpool Ballroom

We have eaten afternoon tea in many places before but afternoon tea in the Blackpool Ballroom is something you really have to experience for yourself.

Blackpool ballroom

Set in the sumptuous surroundings of the Blackpool ballroom on the 3rd floor of the Blackpool tower the Afternoon tea tables were set along the edge of the ballroom dance floor. With traditional blue and white pottery to drink from the Blackpool Ballroom Afternoon tea had a sense of tradition that matched the venue.

Blackpool ballroom tea

As I had the girls with me I was asked if I wanted some plainer sandwiches included with our afternoon Tea and the girls were happy to see that these consisted of cheese sandwiches and ham sandwiches. The addition of the crisps meant that the girls could add those to their sandwiches too because who doesn’t love a crisp sandwich! My sandwiches consisted of pastrami and pickles, BLT, Cheese and ham and egg mayonnaise although these are not on a set menu so can differ. The cake selection consisted of 6 different cakes to share so we had to cut them up to allow us to try the different varieties. The caramel slice, chocolate brownie and rocky road were the first to go but I was really surprised by the other desserts. I wouldn’t normally choose a fruit tart or strawberry tart but the cream was lovely and fresh and the pastry light and crumbly which made them absolutely delicious. The strawberry topped meringue was crunchy and light and topped with freshly whipped cream and I wish that there had been more! Although the scones were not the best I have ever had (fresh out of the oven will always win) they were full of fruit and with the clotted cream and strawberry jam they were the perfect end to a filling and satisfying afternoon tea.

Enjoying afternoon tea with my girls is something I really enjoy and being able to spend that time in the Blackpool Ballroom watching the amazing dancers and listening to the music  was an experience I hope neither of them forget. They managed the whole experience just watching and taking in the atmosphere without technology and without bickering or arguing. On the table next to use there was two older couples who were also enjoying afternoon tea and they complimented the girls on their behaviour and said that they dreaded it when we sat next to them as they didn’t expect children to enjoy afternoon tea and expected them to mess around. This meant that not only did we enjoy a lovely afternoon tea together but I left feeling proud of them for being such mature young ladies.

Blackpool ballroom

The Blackpool ballroom is an amazing place to visit and I would definitely recommend the afternoon tea on the edge of the ballroom floor watching the couples waltz the day away and wishing that I knew how to dance so I could join them.

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  1. I love just sitting and taking in the dancing in the Tower Ballroom, and afternoon tea just takes it to the next level. I love afternoon tea and introduced the kids to it back in June. Would love to do this next time we are in Blackpool x

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