Camp Bestival – Things we did in the Magic Meadow

The largest area to explore at Camp Bestival is the Magic Meadow. This is where you can find the Festival Shop, a selection of food stands and so much more!

Camp Bestival header

The thing that stands out most in the magic meadow (apart from the giant astronauts) has to be the Big Top tent which played host to silent discos, musical acts and even exclusive film screenings.

Magic Meadow Big Top

The Magic Meadow was the ideal place to chill out in the fun on the beach at holiday Island, relax with a cocktail whilst listening to music in Caravanserai or watch a weird wedding in the inflatable church. You could also try your hand at a shoot out with the Junior Gunners, test your parkour skills and even watch some amazing stunts.

One of the areas that the girls enjoyed the most was Spinney Hollow where my wallet once again took a bit of a bashing as the girls selected which craft activity they wanted to take part in. With lots of old school craft activities such as whittling, iron work and more. You could make your own wands, swords, shields, jewellery, bows and even puppets. By the time we got to Spinney Hollow on the Sunday, most of the activities were fully booked but we did manage to get a slot on the shield making session for Elizabeth and the puppet making session for Alison. These activities may have been expensive (starting at around £10) but they took around an hour, included learning a new skill and having something to take away at the end. Alison really enjoyed making her DanTDM puppet and took a lot of care in finding the right bits and making the clothes.


The Magic Meadow was full of activities to take part in all weekend. Although we missed out on some things because they needed to be booked in advance we did find that it was a bustling hive of activity and there was always something to watch or join in.

Out of all of the areas, I think we spent the least time in the magic meadow, however this could be because  it was the furthest point from our campsite and something else always caught our eye on the way there!