VEX Robotics by Hexbug

I love it when I get a toy that makes the girls think and have fun at the same time. We were recently sent the VEX Robotics Construction Set Screw lift ball machine by Hexbug  and we couldn’t wait to put it to the test.

Hexbug Vex robotics

The box contained over 170 pieces that allows you to build three different models. The Screw lift which is the main build and also a tank and a sabre. You can download the instructions for these two builds on the VEX by Hexbug website here

Vex pieces

The build was actually fairly easy with all of the pieces fitting together well and no tools required. The instructions were easy to follow and each page details which parts will be required. It is always worth checking you have the right piece as a lot of them were very similar in length and luckily the page told you how long things are based on the number of holes in it which meant it was really easy to check.  It also used these holes to help to ensure you inserted pieces in the correct place.

Vex instructions

When toys take STEM subjects and teach them in a way that the girls not only understand but enjoy is always a good thing and the VEX robotics sets manage to incorporate all four subjects into their builds. Aimed at ages 8 plus the Vex Robotics set fits perfectly with that age range and as soon as they get the hang of reading the instructions I don’t think the set would cause any issues for this age range.

Once built the set was lots of fun to play with and even though it just does the same thing the girls spent ages turning the kinetic knob to make the balls rise up the corkscrew lift before tumbling down the track to start all over again.

Vex complete

I would definitely recommend the Vex Robotics sets and I look forward to building more of them in the future.