Glam Goo Deluxe Pack

Have you seen that slime and goo are the in thing with kids at the moment? To be fair mine have always liked playing with slime but the idea of making their own just never occurred to them. There are so many youtube videos now that show kids how to make a range of different slimes that it is becoming a real trend. It never takes the toy industry long to take advantage of these trends and my girls couldn’t wait to test out the new Glam Goo Deluxe pack that they have seen advertised on TV.

The Glam Goo deluxe pack is all about making slime wearable using fashionable accessories and personalising your goo using the sprinkles, colours and flavour. The Glam Goo Deluxe pack comes with a large resealable tub of clear goo, a scent bottle, 3 sprinkle tubes, 2 tubs of coloured dust, a stirrer, a ring container and the bag container.

You create the different glam goo recipes using the ingredients that you have been given. There is also a selection of recipes in the instruction booklet for you to try. I love the names of the sprinkles and both of my girls enjoyed them too. My favourite sprinkle was cloud crunch as it was pearlescent but Elizabeth loved Unicorn Tears as it was so colourful.  The two coloured tubs of dust worked really well at colouring the clear glam goo and the violet vibes scent smelled wonderful.

The goo in the glam goo deluxe pack is quite sticky and I was impressed by how much was included which meant that my girls could really get creative to make different variations. I would have liked to have also received a small mixing bowl in the set as they ended up using some of my kitchen equipment which was not ideal.

The Glam Goo Deluxe Pack is all about making goo wearable and it comes with a plastic bag and a ring case. The bag allows you to fill the removable heart compartment with goo as well as place some in each of the sections on the inside of the bag. The bag isn’t really suitable for any other use but is a great way of transporting your goo and Elizabeth loves it. The ring just holds a small amount of goo and fits on two fingers although it is quite big so not suitable for everyday wear.

The Glam Goo Deluxe pack was a real hit with both of my girls. I loved the fact that the goo was already made so all they had to do was personalise it and they both enjoyed that bit as well. It means they had the perfect consistency of goo to get started with right away and they made some brilliant creations as you can see below.

We definitely recommend this to kids with a goo or slime obsession.

You can only buy this from Argos


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