Feeling Festive with Harry Potter

Working for myself from home means that I don’t get the opportunity to have an Office Christmas party so when I realised that the Paladone Games Night was within a month of Christmas I decided that this would be my Christmas party. The fact that it was Harry Potter themed really helped.

I love working with the lads at Paladone and they always know how to have a good time as well as showcase some of their awesome products. I have worked with them on reviews and giveaways (one coming very soon) as well as having them host the BlogOn Launch party for the last two events.

The Harry Potter Paladone Games Night was held at Dive NQ in Manchester and saw a bunch of bloggers put on our best Harry Potter costumes (or not) and play a variety of themed games such as exploding snap (with party poppers) or Harry Potter Cluedo, which is a great game.

We were placed into teams and we had to play the games to gain gems for our teams. The winners were Team Hagrid (my team!) which meant that we got a great bunch of extra goodies. I am in love with the Patronus Luminart and luckily I didn’t have to fight my daughter for it as I also won one for coming in second in the fancy dress competition for my Bellatrix Lestrange. The winner was the Marvellous Mrs P with her amazing Dolores Umbridge (she even spray painted her shoes pink!).

Everyone in attendance received a generous goody bag packed full of Harry Potter merchandise which would be perfect for giving as gifts (or keeping to yourself like I will be!)

I also managed to convince them that I NEEDED all of the Back Pack buddies which we used to choose our teams. These are an absolutely brilliant collectable.

With the back pack buddies and the iron on patches it gave me an idea and I pulled together all of our Harry Potter merchandise this weekend to create our very own Harry Potter Christmas Tree!

We used a hair dryer to attach the iron on patches to baubles and used the back pack buddies as decorations which really helped to bring the Harry Potter tree to life. We also put our Magical Animal Menagerie under the tree.

Check out the video of the Paladone Harry Potter Games Night and let me know what you think of my tree. I think we will do a Star Wars tree next year.

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