Boom Ball from Play Fun

I first saw Boom Ball from Play fun at the Toy Fair in January and I knew immediately that it was a game that my two would love playing. The Play Fun games are made by IMC Toys and they have a great range of games that get kids physically active as well as having lots of fun.

Boom Ball is suitable for ages 6 plus and for one or two players. It takes 4 x AA batteries in the base which are not included. Boom Ball shoots yellow ping pong balls at different levels and you catch the balls in the nets on your head. Boom Ball came in pieces and needed to be assembled. I also needed to put the stickers on to the base and the head nets which is a pet hate of mine, why can’t toys come with the stickers on already? Despite this annoyance I have to admit that it was easy to assemble and everything clicked together easily following the clear instructions. The aim of the game is to be the person who catches the most balls in your net.

Once built you do have the problem that Boom Ball will no longer fit inside the box which is slightly annoying but this is the only downside of the product and you can take it apart again if you wanted. Boom Ball comes with 12 balls which get fired out quite quickly and can travel quite far. The base has additional parts which can raise the angle that the balls are fired out. When the base is turned on it swivels around before firing out the balls at random. To turn the base on or off you just need to press the large button on the side which means it is really simple to use.

It is so much fun catching the balls and competing against each other, I just wish that it could fire more balls before we had to pick them up and I also wish it came with more head bands as the kids won’t let me have a go as they enjoy it too much.

You can purchase Boom Ball on Amazon (affiliate link below)

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