Zoomer Show Pony by Spin Master

We are huge fans of the Zoomer range with the Zoomer Chimp being our top toy of 2016. When I saw that this year Spin Master were bringing out the Zoomer Show Pony, I couldn’t wait to get hands on and see what it could do.

The Zoomer Show Pony is for ages 5 plus and uses 4 AA batteries which are not included. It comes with four accessories as well as a cheat sheet and some more detailed instructions.

The four accessories are the carrot treat for training mode, the Sugar Cube for play mode, the Apple to feed her when in pony mode and the brush for grooming mode. 

Zoomer Show Pony has LED eyes which help to communicate her modes and needs. The design in the eyes will change to show you what she wants from you or what activity she will be doing next. As well as displaying pictures with her eyes she will also make noises to let you know how she is feeling.

Zoomer Show Pony also has infra red sensors at the front to detect motion and touch sensors on her cheeks and nose so she will nuzzle your hand when stroked. She has an on and off switch as well as a half volume switch if you find she is too loud.

Zoomer Show Pony has different modes that allow you to play with her in different ways

Pony mode – Whilst in this mode you can feed your pony with the apple until her eyes show that she is full. You can also stroke her cheeks and nose to gain different responses. When you stroke both cheeks she will neigh “I love you” which is very cute.

Grooming Mode – By placing the brush on the top of the pony’s head you will put her into grooming mode. Whilst in this mode she stays still to allow you to groom her hair without her running off again.

Play Mode – Using the sugar cube to enter play mode you can get me to dance or go hyper depending on how much you feed me.

Training Mode – The carrot accessory allows you to enter training mode where you can teach your pony a variety of tricks using the different sensors. You can teach me lots of tricks such as counting , following, play music and even trot backwards. You can even create your very own Showtime mode and train me to perform up to 5 tricks in a set order to then perform for you.

Tricks – Your pony can also do tricks by pressing the heart button it its chest. I perform a variety of tricks and you will unlock more of them the more you play with me. I dance as well as sing, prance and wiggle, spin and even do a figure of 8.

If you lose the accessories you can still access these modes and the large instructions tell you have to do this by using a variety of motions such as stroking one cheek and the nose at the same time. It is really important that you keep the instructions safe as they really do help when you play with your Zoomer Show Pony.

The Zoomer Show Pony is a brilliant addition to the Zoomer family and is very well loved in our family. You can even get a unicorn version with is exclusive to Toys R Us.