Tips for Mummies on doing Tyre Safety Checks

Tyres are such an important part of a car that it is hard to overestimate how crucial they are for road safety. Not only do they allow you to brake effectively, meaning that you don’t run the risk of skidding if a child steps out in the road in front of you, but they disperse water in wet conditions, meaning that you are less likely to aquaplane and lose control of the vehicle – something that you never want, especially if you have kids in the back with you.

Tyres are also important for your car’s ability to corner properly, so you should really conduct regular checks if you want you and your family to remain safe when motoring. If you are in any doubt about the state of your tyres, then take your car to an expert in your town who can conduct a more thorough inspection whether you live in Scotland, London or Basingstoke you must look for tyre experts in these areas as the traffic condition in cities like these require regular garage visits.

Tyre Pressure

Tyre pressure should be checked regularly. Inadequately inflated tyres cost you more in petrol because they take more energy from the engine to turn. As such, it is in your interests to keep them pumped up and it is not just a safety measure. You should head to a nearby garage to confirm the tyre pressure at least once a month or before you depart on a longer than usual journey locally. For example, if you live in towns like Basingstoke where the traffic is busy and it gets tricky to drive with poorly maintained tyres in an area like these. It is important to make sure your car tyres are maintained properly. You can visit any local garages present in these towns, for example, you can book your tyres now in Basingstoke with Headley Tyres.

The correct pressure is usually in your car’s handbook or displayed in the driver’s door seal so there’s no excuse for putting the job off and driving safely with correctly inflated tyres. Remember to do this before, not after a journey, so that the tyres have not warmed up too much which can affect the results.

Remove Problems before They Get Too Big

Give your car’s tyre a visual inspection once in a while. A good time to do this is when you are checking the air pressure. Remove any stones or other objects which have become embedded in the tyres’ tread. This will stop them from becoming wedged in and impossible to remove later. Small stones stop the tread from working effectively and can cause long term problems such as bulges, lumps and even lacerations.

Stay Street Legal

Tyre treads must be sufficiently deep to allow you to stop properly and maintain good traction on the road’s surface. It is also against the law to drive on tyres with insufficient tread. The best way of making a simple tyre tread depth check is with a twenty pence piece. Place the coin into the tyre’s primary tread grooves at multiple locations around the circumference of the tyre – remembering that part of the tyre will be in contact with the ground. You should also do this across each tyre’s full width. If the outer band of the twenty pence piece is able to be inserted into the tread whenever the coin check is made, then tread depth is okay. If not, then you will have to consider replacing your tyres for new ones. Whilst checking your tread depth, it is always a good tip to give to look for bulges on the inside of the tyre – the bit that you don’t usually see. Like bald spots, bulges may well mean that the tyre is no longer street legal and will have to be removed for a new one.

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  1. Great tips! I always have a extra Tyre in my car. I had experience of got struck with puncture Tyre and somehow i managed and got away. Check your Tyre pressure regularly on your journey and i totally agree with you Remove Problems before They Get Too Big.

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