Best Chess Tables: The Benefits of Having One at Home

It was 15 centuries ago when it was first invented, yet, until today, people of all ages still enjoy this brain-draining yet enjoyable game. At a glance, it seems so simple. But there have been countless books written about it, just so you’ll know the right strategies to win. And tell you what, it could take ages before you master those winning techniques! Some players who are exceptional are regarded as gifted geniuses.

Yes, folks, we’re talking about the good-old ageless chess. Learn more interesting facts about this game on this website. The rules are pretty much the same though it has evolved in some ways. The boards and pieces come in various colours. Chess set designers have also been so creative that they’ve modified chess pieces into various characters and themes familiar to us.

The boards itself come in various sizes, ranging from the miniature magnetic design, tournament-standard size and even those as big and as wide as your work desk! Portability-wise, you’d go for the smaller boards. But why is it also ideal to have a chess table at home?

Make it a Focal Point in Your Interiors

The dark brown-stained table with checkered patterns on it exudes a charming, rustic vibe. It’s a great focal point in a room as you incorporate it with other interior décor pieces and furniture, especially if your style has a vintage-y theme. It also adds a feel of masculinity which is also a good item to have in your man cave.

You’ll surely find something that you can incorporate in your interior design theme. There are numerous designs that come in various colours and sizes, too. Check out some of those here:

It’s a Good Conversation Starter

And speaking of making it a focal point in a spot in your home, it could definitely spark interest among your first-time guests, especially if the chess table has a unique design. Questions from curious visitors could easily fill the open air. “How old is this item? When did you buy it? Why did you decide to buy it? Where did you get this unique piece?”

Sure thing, a whole lot more has to follow. That’s where great conversations start rolling. Perhaps, it could be more interesting if there’s a story behind why you purchased it. It could be a gift to your son when he graduated with honours in high school or a family heirloom that you’ll pass down to your grandchildren a couple of years to come. No matter what it is, having this piece is definitely a good conversation starter.

Obviously, a Nice Family Entertainment Spot

Well, it’s not only meant to be placed in the man cave. You can also add it in the family entertainment room along with other amenities that call for late weekend afternoon family bonding activities. Some healthy competition in the family during these games could forge a closer relationship among your members.

Anytime on weekends when everyone’s home, someone could just easily shout from the entertainment spot: “Hey, chess, anyone?” Matches can start anytime as soon as a family member sits there and arranges the chess pieces on the checkered table.

Also, speaking of leisure, if you love entertaining friends at home, this game could also easily distract the young ones, keep their eyes off their smartphones and start engaging in some brain-twisting match so that the adults could also focus on their conversations that the kids won’t be able to relate with. Discover some other tricks for easy entertaining here:

Multi-function Furniture

It’s not just about having a leisure spot at home—you can definitely use your chess table for other purposes, too. You can use it as a work desk, breakfast table, study table—yeah, literally anything for as long as the activity or errand calls for a table. And when your other business is done, you can start playing chess when someone’s ready to play with you.

What other reasons do you have in mind why having a chess table is a cool idea? Why not share it with us? We’d sure love to hear your reasons why. Do let us know! And oh, wouldn’t it be nice, too, to listen to your story when you first became interested with this game? Absolutely!