Big Potato Games 20 Second Showdown

We are huge fans of the Big Potato Games and 20 Second Showdown does not disappoint. Suitable for players aged 10 and above and for between 5 and 20 people. 20 Second Showdown is a fast-paced challenge game where you work in teams to complete your challenges so that the other team has less time to complete theirs. We were sent 20 Second Showdown so that we could play it and let you know how we got on.

In the box, you will receive a timer, two colour batons, two help cards and 200 double-sided challenge cards.

Choose one player to be the referee. They will be in charge of reading the challenge cards and keeping an eye on the timer. The rest of the players need to split into two teams, blue and yellow. The first player to take on a challenge is given the baton for their team. After they have completed the challenge the baton passes to the next player in their team.

Once the timer has been set, the referee reads out the first challenge card. As soon as the blue player has completed the challenge the timer is flipped and the yellow team need to complete their challenge as quickly as they can. Some challenges are easier than others. The help cards are given one to each team. If the player that needs to complete the challenge is unable to do so then they can use the help card to get one of their other team members to complete the challenge instead.

Both of my girls are now in the age range but without the addition of a 5th player, we had to play without a referee. This was fine as each team read out their own challenges as the other player performed them. This is a very silly game which can have you thinking or acting in all sorts of ways. As you can see from the cards pictured above, the challenges vary a lot with some being physical challenges and some mental challenges.

We really enjoyed playing as a family and I can imagine that with a larger group and dare I say a few drinks this could soon become my favourite game ever.