Marriage and the Post-Lockdown World: Five Tips to Success

Getting married is a big commitment but is so rewarding in many ways as well. Whether you are getting married before or after lockdown the same rules apply, and there are things you can do to ensure that your marriage will be successful. We have put together five of our top tips to ensure that your marriage in the post-lockdown world is successful. The pandemic has made a lot of people realise the importance of the little things in life, so just make sure that you always remember this, and don’t let life get in the way of your relationship.


This is one of the biggest things that a lot of couples don’t do and therefore is why a lot of relationships and marriages don’t work long term. Communication is crucial within a relationship and although it can sometimes feel scary, or make you feel nervous to communicate with your partner, it’s really important that you do. Without communication, your partner won’t know or be able to understand how you are feeling about things and it will cause you to have arguments over silly things. Keeping the communication open is important so that you both know what the other person is going through, and how you can help them.

Marriage is a commitment and one that you both made in front of your friends and family, to love each other and always be respectful. It’s important that you always make sure that you keep the communication open between yourselves.

Trust and loyalty

Trust and loyalty are things that are really important for a successful marriage after communication and you need to make sure that you stay loyal to your partner throughout your marriage. Marriage can be difficult sometimes, but it’s important that you are always open with each other and stay loyal.

Make time for date night

Once you have finally got married it is important to make sure that you make time for each other and make time for date nights. If anything, the pandemic has made a lot of people question things that are important to them, and question what is really important to them. Making time for each other is something that is really important and that you need to make sure you do even after the ‘I Do’.

Make time for your own interests

It’s not only important to make time for each other as a couple, but also it’s really important to make time to do your own interests and activities as well. Once the world opens up again, and you will be able to do things such as sports, gym or even seeing friends, make sure that you take advantage of the opportunities to do these when they arise. This is not only important for you both as a couple, to have your own space and interests, but it’s important for you as an individual to still do the things that you love doing yourself. It will help you to stay as yourself and not feel like you’ve lost yourself now that you are married.

Appreciate each other

This one kind of goes with the other tips of trust, loyalty, and communication but make sure that you appreciate each other. This means looking out for each other and looking after each other as well. This could be something as simple as taking it in turns to have a lie-in at the weekends, while the other one gets up and looks after the children, or just having the opportunity to make breakfast for each other and enjoy a lie-in together. Whatever you choose to do, just make sure that you appreciate one another, this could also be in the form of little surprises or gifts that you might want to get each other.