Planning a Dream Wedding? Consider These Things First

There is no doubt that everyone wants to have their dream wedding at some point or another. It is this incredible image which we are taught from a young age. It’s different for everybody but planning a dream wedding is a lot trickier than you might think.

There is a lot to consider, and so it’s important to take the time to examine a few of the different potential roadblocks that you can come across. So, here are a few things that you should probably keep in mind when planning your big day.

Location, Location

Location can be the be-all and end-all when it comes to finding the best dream wedding possible. Your choice of venue will determine everything, from the availability of your guests to the type of wedding you can have, to the overall budget you have to spend.

So, as you can probably begin to imagine, the location of the wedding is not something which people tend to gloss over during the planning stage. It is meticulously chosen, whether it is a stunning cathedral or a farmhouse in the middle of Devon. You need to be sure that you’ve picked the right place to have a wedding, and that you’ve taken into consideration any potential issues which could occur on the day as a result of your choice. You might need to consider hotels near Nottingham for your close friends and family should you choose a venue in the Midlands city. However, take your time, and there is no doubt that you’ll find the best place possible eventually.


The theme of the wedding can be critical to figure out early because it has an impact on nearly everything. The wedding dress, the decorations, the food, the dress code of your guests… It all depends on the theme of your wedding. So, naturally, you have to make sure that you’ve picked the right idea and that you’re happy with your choice.

There are a lot of photos on the Internet which show you different themes. It helps you to visualise the concepts and ideas you’ve got, so you can start to put together a picture of what the finished product will look like and how your venue will look on your wedding day. A lot of couples make scrapbooks and mood boards, which give them a place to visualise all of the different parts of the process.

The Date in Question

Something which you will need to give serious consideration to is the date you’re going to get married. Picking the right time and place can be imperative for having the ideal wedding. If you select a date in the winter, you may need to adjust the theme and location accordingly. On the other hand, picking a summer wedding means that you should think about having a venue with proper ventilation and airflow, so there’s no chance of anyone getting ill in the heat.

Thankfully, a lot of places and venues are used to dealing with couples who want to have a particular time and day in mind, so they are very accommodating in this regard. If you explain what you’re going for, they’ll probably be able to suggest a good time and date for you, so you have their expertise to draw from.


So, as you can probably tell, there are quite a few considerations that you need to keep in mind when it comes to having the ideal wedding. Every potential wedding location and theme offers a different experience, so you should take the time to look through all of them and find one that works for you. Never be afraid to experiment and pick out something unique, because it will make all the difference when you’re trying to get the best wedding day possible and have your dream event.