Finding your dream wedding venue

When I decided to have a Halloween wedding almost 10 years ago I knew that finding the right venue was key to the success of the day. This is the same for all weddings, finding your dream wedding venue will have such an impact on your day that it really needs lots of consideration. Convenience is nice but is it really what you want. Whether you want a chateau in France or a Mansion in Surrey Bijou Venues have some great choices or you could look for something a little bit different. In the end, we had three different venues which did cause some logistical issues but they each brought something special to our day and I am glad that we opted for these unusual alternatives.

Where will you get married

Deciding on the actual ceremony location is tricky, do you want the convenience of everything all in one place, do you want a religious ceremony, do you want a small family gathering or a large get together. There are lots of elements to consider. If you have a theme as we did then finding a venue that adds to the theme is another challenge. When considering the ceremony venue make sure that you are aware of any restrictions and that you know what type of ceremony you can expect. Do you want to have your guests throw confetti? What photos do you want?

We opted for a medium sized venue but we just wanted a registrar to actually perform the ceremony. After looking at a few options we went to our local town hall council chambers and fell in love with the gothic style staircase.

Where will you eat?

Now obviously if you have opted for a complete package then your wedding breakfast is included in your day. We decided that we wanted something different and luckily for us, we had a Halloween Themed Restaurant that was fairly local. The restaurant couldn’t actually host that many people so it meant that our meal was for immediate family only. This not only made our wedding cheaper but gave us a good break from the crowds in the middle of our wedding day.

The restaurant we used created a fantastic menu for us that was perfect for the kids as well as the grown-ups. Do you want a traditional sit-down wedding breakfast, a more casual buffet or maybe something completely different? I have been to weddings that had BBQs set up, Hog Roast vans and even a full Indian buffet. The food you have at your wedding will be one of the most expensive outlays of the day and it is just to feed your guests so think carefully and plan within your budget.

Where will you hold your wedding recption?

Your wedding reception is usually the part of the day that has the most guests so choosing somewhere big enough for your family and friends to party with you is key. This venue also has to be adaptable, some people will want to sit down, some will want to dance. You might also want to look at the convenience of going outside for those who will want to do so.

When we booked a suite at Old Trafford this didn’t even cross my mind but I have been to weddings with bouncy castles in the gardens for the kids. Deciding what are important features of your wedding reception will help to dictate the size, type and cost of the wedding reception venue. It is also worth asking for lots of price lists. We were very surprised at how cheap our reception venue was given its location but we were hosting our wedding on a Friday night in late October so that certainly helped.

Your wedding day will be a day that you will want to remember for the rest of your life and making sure that the venue is your dream venue is one of the most important things that you can do.