Christmas Gift Guide – Tweens (8 to 12 years)

As the kids get older they want less toys and more technology, or at least toys that incorporate technology. This list for tweens showcases some of the products that my girls who are both in this age category have really enjoyed. For the purpose of this guide I have classed tweens as 8 to 12 years as they seem to be getting older younger than they ever have before.

Monqi Phone

If your tween is begging you for a mobile phone but you don’t want to give them complete free reign then the Monqi phone could be ideal. With fantastic parent settings including Geo Fencing (which alerts you when they are not where they are supposed to be) and a schedule so you can prevent them using the phones features when they should be at school or studying plus 150 apps that are all approved for this age range, it is definitely something to consider. The Monqi phone doesn’t look like a phone for kids and has a sleek design which the kids will love whilst also having a 13mp rear camera and a 5mp front camera (perfect for all those selfies). The Monqi Phone is available sim free from Carphone Warehouse.

“The Fizzle Trilogy” – a set of action-packed adventure stories by Tim Walker

My girls cost me a fortune in books and they are always looking for the next author to read. I gave the Shipley Manor Adventures to Alison and she absolutely loved them. The books  follow the adventures of Polly and Tom as they come across the mystery of the Fizzle. Their adventures see them come across a variety of evil villains and are very gripping. We definitely recommend these books to kids in this age group who love to get lost in a good story that steps away from reality a little.

VR Real Feel Racing 3D Reality Simulator

VR is all the rage at the moment and this VR Headset with steering controller allows you to really become immersed in the VR Racing simulator. You need to download the free app and insert your phone into the headset to play but it is lots of fun. The VR Headset works with other VR games that you can download as well which is a real bonus.

Cluedo Beano

We love playing Cluedo and have it in a variety of versions but the Beano version has to be one of our favourites. The aim of this game is to find out who pranked teacher and what they did. Did Dennis the Menace use invisible ink in the toilets or did Minnie the Minx put a stink bomb in the staff room. This game is lots of fun and perfect for the whole family to join in.

King Pong by Drumond Park

King Pong by Drumond Park is a game of skill that is highly addictive. The aim of the game is to be the first to empty your tray of balls but that is not as easy as it seems. Whether you are a frantic thrower or you take your time to perfect your angles this game will drive you crazy with just how addictive it is and how you just want to try again. For two to four players but also fun for a practice by yourself the tweens will find that King Pong is almost as much fun as the bottle flip challenge.

Discover Galaxy Tracker 60mm smart telescope

This is the perfect gift for tweens who loves science, they will absolutely adore this Discovery Galaxy Tracker 60mm Smart Telescope. It works with the Star Walk 2 app and you use the smart phone adapter to hold your phone in place as you line up the stars and learn more about the sky that you are looking at. The combination of tech and science makes this fun and educational whilst still being cool.

Spin to Sing by Worlds Apart

Another product that needs you to download a free app to use it is the Spin to Sing game. This is a game for the whole family where you spin the mic to find out who will be singing next and the rest of the players have to judge their performance. However it isn’t as easy as it sounds as there are a variety of performance cards which could have you singing like a mouse or even Opera. This is a perfect Christmas day family game that is sure to be a number one hit.

Zoomer Show Pony

Zoomer Show Pony is the new addition to the Zoomer family and she continues the trend for fun and interactive products from Spin Master that are great for tweens. Using the 4 accessories you need to look after Zoomer Show Pony and teach her to perform a variety of tricks, just don’t feed her too much sugar as she can go a little bit hyper.

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  1. Lovely hun!! some of these sound fun! i have Beano Cluedo on my wishlist for Criggy! All entered thanks so much its toooo cute! we are pony unicorn mad over here x

  2. It is a terrifying prospect isn’t it. I think the official tween age is 10 to 12 but the attitude on my two at 8 and 9 are definitely more in keeping with that “almost” teenager stage.

  3. Your post has just informed me I am a parent to a ‘tween’ and I’m not sure how I feel about entering this new phase

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