Xtrem Bots Trooper Bot

Do you ever look at a toy and think there is no way it is worth the money? Well that was what I thought when I first laid eyes on the Xtrem Bots Trooper Bot. When in its box it just looked a bit cheap, kind of like something you would find on a rip off stand at the local market. Oh my god how wrong I was!

Aimed at children from 5 and upwards the Xtrem Bots Trooper Bot is a rechargeable hi-tech robot. Its controller takes 2 AA batteries but the charging cable for the robot is included.

To Charge the robot you need to ensure he is turned off and then plug the cable into the back and into and USB charger outlet whether a wall socket, power pack, computer or even in car USB charger. When charging the light on the back will be lit and it will turn off when fully charged. The Charging time is around 2 hours and the booklet says that this will give 2 hours worth of play but ours has not yet run out and the kids have played with it in 10 to 20 minute bursts quite a few times over the last few days.

Once fully charged you can disconnect the cable and switch the robot on. He has a standby button on the front which you use to activate him. You can also use this to switch him off although he does go to sleep after two minutes of inactivity.

The Xtrem Bots Trooper Bot has a brilliant remote control which at first glance looks really complicated but is actually really easy to learn and understand.

The direction buttons on the left makes the robot to glide in those directions whilst the one on the right makes him walk in those directions. These two actions are very different.

The buttons in the middle of the direction pads control his shooting action. The Xtrem Bots Trooper bot comes with 5 missiles which can be shot out. The button on the left is Demo Shooting where the Trooper Bot has full control and will move around shooting the five missiles. The button on the right is the trigger button so you can control the shooting mechanism.

Underneath the direction pads are the arm controls so you can move each arm individually. The left ones control the left arm and the right ones control the right arm.

The buttons in the middle are for a range of functions from top left they are –

Demo – a demonstration of what the Xtrem Bots Trooper Bot can do

Programme – use this button to programme up to 50 movements in a sequence

Dance – The Xtrem Bots Trooper Bot will perform a dance and play music

Robot Speech – The robot will speak in a weird robot language

Mute – stops all sounds

Stop – Stops what he is doing

Volume down and Up – controls the volume.

The Xtrem Bots Trooper Bot has been really well received in this house with the girls spending quite a while shooting me with the missiles whilst I try to work. He is a good size and is very robust. I love the fact he is rechargeable so it wont cost me a fortune in big batteries and the fact the remote control is easy to use means I am not constantly having to help them to use him. He even works well on our carpet which is a good sign as some toys struggle which means the girls cant play with them in their bedrooms.

For the fact that when I first saw it I thought it looked very cheap I was completely blown away with how good he is and how much my girls have enjoyed playing with him. He has definitely been a bit hit in this house.