3 weeks to go – Carnival Vista

It has been a long 11 months since we received the amazing news that we had been selected to be a Carnival Funseeking family. Now with just 3 weeks before we embark on our first ever cruise the excitement is growing steadily. Over the last few months, I have been looking into the variety of shore excursions that we could take part in and what we need should wear.  We have now done most of our clothes shopping, including dresses and bikinis and booked the shore excursions – visiting Pompeii and a boat trip around Marseilles. We also have dinner bookings at three of the amazing onboard restaurants –  Cucina Del Capitano, Ji Ji Asian Kitchen and Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse. We have filled in all of our cruise paperwork, checked in and registered the girls in the kids club. In fact, we are pretty much ready to go apart from the fact that our flight isn’t for three weeks.

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With the three dinners booked I have had to have a look at all of the other restaurant menus so I can decide where we want to eat. Unfortunately, this has proven to be quite a dilemma as I am only on the cruise for 8 days and there is so much food I want to try that I may end up coming back the size of a beach ball!

As well as planning all of the places I want to eat I have also been looking at all of the things that we want to do as well. From watching a film in the Imax cinema to getting some exercise on the Sky Ride and in the gym. I am also wanting to try the Skycourse which I am sure the kids will enjoy too. It will also be great to play mini golf as a family on the deck as well as splash around in the pools and go on the waterworks and down the slides. We are looking forward to watching the variety of shows, enjoying breakfast with the cat in the hat and sticking the kids into kids club so I can relax in the sunshine with a cocktail and my kindle.

Although I started a countdown a few weeks ago in the hopes of losing more weight before we go I have failed miserably however I have been going to the gym and have noticed a change in my body shape which means that I actually feel a lot happier within my own skin. I must also celebrate the fact that I have managed to maintain my three stone weight loss for 8 months which is an achievement in itself. I am not going to stress myself out any further about how much I weigh but instead, I will be focusing more on my health  and see where that leads me. I know I could do with weighing less but the more I think of dieting and eating well the more I want to stuff my face with chocolate at the moment. The fact that I am actually going to pack my gym clothes and trainers to go on a cruise shows that something has changed the way I think.

From morning until night the cruise ship is full of activities to take part in and there is no way I will be able to do everything but I will need to ensure that I take the time to relax as well otherwise I will need a holiday to recover from this one!

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  1. Hey I think I am on the same cruise – out of Barcelona on 26th ? Also can’t wait. Got a 6 year old boy so maybe see you in the Fanily Harbour Lounge?

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