The Wicked Uncle Challenge – what to buy for kids when you dont have a clue

Whenever it comes to the girls birthdays or Christmas I always receive a message from their godfather asking what he should buy for them. Now I must admit my girls can be a bit difficult to buy for especially with me being sent toys to review all the time so it can be a challenge even for me. When I saw that Wicked Uncle had set a challenge to see if grownups without kids could buy the perfect present from their site we decided to accept.

I was sent a £40 voucher code which I passed across to Uncle Alex and off he went. The first thing he commented on was the fabulous range of categories  that were available to sort by on the Wicked Uncle website. Straight away he could see which categories would be good for Elizabeth and which ones would be good for Alison.


wicked uncle categories


He said the hardest thing was not spending an absolute fortune as there were so many great items to choose from that he knew that the girls would love. Being able to sort by age, gender, popularity and category meant that he quickly chose items that he thought the girls would enjoy. It was also great being able to sort by lowest price first which is great if you have a budget.


Once all of the items were selected it was time to get through to the checkout. Wicked Uncle have included the option to gift wrap the presents in a variety of wrapping paper which is fantastic especially if you live far away like he does. It would have been good to have been able to select to wrap them all together instead of separately but this is a good option if you are buying one big present.

wicked uncle gift wrap


So what exactly did he buy for the girls and did he manage to get it right?

For Alison, he selected the Glo Shooting stars for her bedroom ceiling and the neon light writer. The Neon light writer allows you to write words using the light up rope and some pegs and looks fantastic and every child needs glow in the dark stars. Alison loved both of these items so he got it spot on for her.

For Elizabeth, he chose the Roald Dahls completely revolting recipe book and a Unicorn squeeze popper. The Roald Dahl Completely revolting recipe book features all sorts of fabulous recipes inspired by the Roald Dahl books and looks fantastic. She can’t wait to give it a go and see what we can make. However, the Unicorn Squeeze popper was the best present ever apparently. It is amazing how the simplest items give children the most joy and this is definitely the case with this one.

wicked uncle gifts

So yes we took the Wicked Uncle challenge and succeeded and now we have a great website that he can use for all future gift buying experiences.

wicked uncle light