We had a Shrekcellent time at Shrek’s Adventure in London


We love DreamWorks films so when we heard about the new Shrek’s Adventure opening in London we could not wait to go along and see what it was all about.

We went at an extremely busy time and although the queue was quite long there were lots to see along the way with the attention to detail just a mere teaser of what is to come. Unfortunately we were not allowed to have our phones on or take any photos so I don’t have any to show you but I actually think that is a good thing because you really should experience it all for yourself.

One of our favourite parts when queuing was going through the security scanner. Further ahead you could see a skeleton picture on the wall and as people passed the scanner it would either flash green or red. When it flashed red, the Skeleton image would show some form of contraband such as hidden ginger breads, spiders or fish bones. It would also sometimes give someone an instruction. The girls passed through on green but I was given the red light and told to “Remove all your clothing and put them in the bin” which the girls thought was hilarious.

As we waited for the tour bus to take us on our adventure we got to have a picture with Donkey which was great fun. We were then briefed on the safety instructions before passing through departures to meet Princess Fiona.

Princess Fiona needed our help to restore the magic to the bus so we all joined in with a sing along before heading to the 4D bus. This was my favourite part of the whole adventure and I have never experienced anything like it. Sat inside the bus with screens all the way around your really feel as though you are flying through the air and as you are joined by a variety of characters you don’t know which way to look. The bus is for 0.9m and above and anyone between 0.9m and 1.3m must be accompanied by an adult. Anyone below 0.9m can watch the story unfold on a separate screen.

I won’t give away the story but something happens that means you have crashed, you need to get off the bus and try and find Shrek. To do this, you go on a walking adventure through Far Far Away where you meet various characters from the films and are helped on your journey. I will state that there were times when my girls were a bit scared due to the atmospheric music and the story, the attraction is recommended for ages 6+ and I think that this is good age although I would still recommend that you think about your own child before purchasing tickets as some will be more scared than others.

The scenery is amazing and I wish we had been able to spend even longer just taking in all of the details, I love the fact that as well as how things look they have also thought about how things smell which really added to the adventure, especially as we walked through the swamp!

After we escaped from Far Far Away we got to meet Shrek and pose for photos.

We then walked through a variety of areas including the Madagascar circus, Kung Fu Panda and How to train your dragon where we got to have lots of photo opportunities with the statues as well as meet King Julien and a Viking dragon trainer.

We were amazed at just how long we were inside Shrek’s Adventure and we can not wait to return. Lucky for us we have premium Merlin Passes which means from September we will be able to return for free. and we can’t wait. If you also want to go to Shrek’s Adventure for free check my prizedraws where I will soon be announcing a fabulous competition.