Change4Life with Disney and Inside Out #10MinuteShakeUp

Last weekend we were lucky enough to head to London for a preview screening of the new Disney Pixar movie Inside Out. We were very excited after seeing some of the adverts for it but we were not just there to watch the film. Working in Partnership with Change4Life and Disney we had to design a new 10 Minute Shake Up that took inspiration from the Inside Out film.

10 Minute Shake Up is the new campaign run by Change4Life that takes inspiration from a variety of Disney films to help children get more exercise. Using films such as Frozen, Monsters Inc, Toys Story and Big Hero Six to create fun games and exercises that children love. To make it even more special you can send off for a special Change4Life 10 Minute Shake Up Pack which includes lots of fabulous goodies including a wristband and 10 minute timer so the children know how much exercise they have done. 

The girls had lots of fun creating their game which they called the “Circle of Sadness” and we just heard the news that their game has been selected to be featured on the Change4Life website in the 10 Minute Shake Up zone. I can’t wait for it to be live so we can share it with you all. In the mean time here are some photos of the girls and their team explaining and playing their game.

Inside Out is in the cinemas from 24th July and I would definitely recommend going to see it, although it was a bit sad in parts both girls have got loads out of it and they like to explain their feelings now using the emotions shown in the film as well as a few extra ones. I think that the story really helps to portray how confusing things can be for kids and helps them understand their emotions a lot more whilst still being fun and a great Disney Pixar film. 

Plus you need to watch it so you can meet Bing Bong, the greatest character ever!