Top Five Moments at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure – Rides, shopping, green eggs and Harry Potter. What more could you ask for?

On our recent trip to Florida, we spent two days exploring Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure and we wanted more.

Although there were some rides that the girls were not tall enough for we did manage to get on most of them as Alison just reached 48″ with her Heelys on! *note to readers she was just a little too short the first day in her normal shoes so we put the Heelys on minus the wheels as they have thicker soles and she managed to get in*

A lot of the rides were 4D rides which did make me feel a little bit motion sick at the end of the day but all in all we had an amazing time so I wanted to share with you some of our highlights.

Breakfast with the Grinch has to be the best character meal we have ever had. I will actually be writing a separate blog post about this so I can show you all the pictures and tell you some of the funny stories but suffice to say that the grinch was grumpy and funny and perfect and we wish we could have had breakfast with him every morning.
Our favourite ride and the one we went on both days that we were at the parks has to be the Jurassic Park ride. Elizabeth is in this photo hidden under her poncho as she loved the ride but didn’t like to get wet. This was a family favourite and one we wanted to repeat over and over and as all the Americans thought that 80 degrees Fahrenheit was cold  (27 degrees celsius) all the wet rides had no queues!
Meeting the characters was a real highlight for us and they were great at interacting with us all. This is a great photo that captures a moment when Scooby-Doo steals Elizabeth’s Cowboy hat and decides that he is in the wild west. He might not be able to talk but you could tell he was one mean Cowboy and the girls thought that it was hilarious.
The Macys Thanksgiving parade was unfortunately, the only parade we had a chance to watch as we were too busy going from ride to ride but we were amazed at the size of the balloons and how many there were. It seemed as though they would never end and you never knew what was going to come round the corner next.


 Obviously, I have saved the best for last and I will be doing a whole separate blog post about our adventures in Hogsmeade, Hogwarts Castle, and Diagon alley as well as our trips on the Hogwarts express so watch out for that but one thing I will say is that I never believed that they could capture the magic in such a way that you could almost believe it was all true.  This is where I spent most of my spending money and I got some great new hoodies and souvenirs to add to my growing Harry Potter collection.

So these were my top five moments at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Make sure you check out my other posts about our holiday to Florida that will be coming soon.