What we needed for the kids on our transatlantic flight to Florida 

 Before we went away a few weeks ago I was really panicing about what to pack in our hand luggage. We had ample hold luggage space given to us when we booked the flights so we didnt need to pack our hand luggage with anything that we wouldn’t use on the plane but that really got me thinking. Now I knew that the virgin flights have personal inflight entertainment so the girls could both watch films and tv programmes to their hearts content so it wasnt so much worrying that they would be bored which really got me in a bit of a pickle.

My brain kept telling me that I should be packing more for them whereas they were quite happy as they were so here is a list of what we packed (and actually used on our flights)

Change of clothes and slippers
Both of my girls hate wearing shoes for long periods of time, I think it is because we dont wear shoes in the house so they always want to take their shoes off when travelling so I packed their slippers which meant that their feet didnt get cold or dirty.  When we flew out we had a change of clothes so they could be wearing tshirt and shorts(Alison) and a dress (Elizabeth) instead of the warm clothes they arrived at Manchester airport wearing. On the way back we packed pyjamas and warm jumpers and trousers. We flew overnight so they changed into their Pjs at the airport and boarded the plane already dressed in them. In the morning we put on warm clothes to leave and arrive in Manchester.

Wet Wipes
There is something about wiping your face with a wet wipe that leaves you feeling refreshed and this worked for all members of the family.

Ipads, kindles and tablets
Although we had the inflight entertainment the kids couldnt be kept away from minecraft for that long so we ensured that we had fully charged tablets with us. I also enjoyed reading my kindle in peace whilst they watched the films.

Comfortable headphones
The headphones given out on the plane are rubbish. I hate them, the kids hate them, so packing comfy headphones is a must for us.

Teddy bears
Each child has their favourite which we cant travel without so they have to go in the hand luggage too.

I also carried on my DSLR camera on the way out but couldn’t be bothered on the way back so I put it in the hold in my solid suitcase inside its protective camera bag. It just meant I had one less thing to carry and it was safe enough.

The one thing I have found about hand luggage is that its not so much what you take that is important but what it is in. We were huge fans of the Trunki when the kids were little but they outgrew them a few years ago and ever since I have been looking for a replacement idea. We did review the Microscooter Maxi Micro 4 in 1 luggage scooter but that was more of a scooter with a bag rather than a suitcase with a scooter if that makes sense. Anyway, we were sent the Zinc Flyte Scooter Case and it was perfect. You don’t need to take it apart, it all folds neatly together, the suitcase area still has loads of space in it and it looks amazing. We had so many compliments and questions about it at the airports that we went to and Alison has asked for a “non-girly colour” one for Christmas because although her Darth Vader suitcase is cool you cant ride on it.


3 thoughts on “What we needed for the kids on our transatlantic flight to Florida ”

  1. Hi Laura
    Thank you for your prompt reply, I just thought I’d check as I didn’t want to get to Gatwick and be questioned about the size and be made to put it into one of those little cage things to check it’s size!

  2. Hi Poonam

    We have had no problem taking it on any of the different planes we have been on and have never been questioned about the depth so you should be ok

  3. Hi

    I would like to buy the Zinc Flyte Scooter Case for kids for my 6 and 3 year olds as we have a trip to mexico coming up with virgin atlantic. I just wanted to know whether you were questioned as to the size of this product? on the Virgin website it says the maximum depth is 23cm but this is 26cm?



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