Top Destinations for you and the kids

From Amsterdam to Berlin, Iceland to Denmark, there are more kid-friendly places to visit then you have ever imagined. City breaks are becoming the perfect family bonding experience, simply because they are great low-stress options for the half-terms. Europe is full of child-friendly restaurants, hotels and activities. Europe offers fairy tale castles to some of the oldest zoos in the world, to amusement parks and boat rides to the engaging and educating museums. Europe truly offers some top destinations that cater for both you and kids.

Before you jet off to this fascinating continent be sure to renew your EHIC card so that you and your family are covered if any accidents were to occur although do make sure you also take out travel insurance. Now that you are all covered, let’s discover some of the wonders your family can enjoy whilst on your tip away:

Copenhagen – Denmark

Fairytale castles, inspiring landscapes, brilliantly coloured buildings and a culture where children and adults are treated as equals makes this location one of the ideal places for a family to visit. The city houses two of the oldest amusement parks in the world and offers some lovely scenic backdrops that the adults can enjoy whilst the kids are off playing.  Copenhagen contains the largest national aquarium in Northern Europe and will be sure to excite the kids as well as the parents as you submerge yourself within walls of water whilst being surrounded by 20,000 animals. This surely is a treat for your family and the city will keep you entertained throughout your stay.

London – England

A city containing playgrounds and glorious parks, in addition to some interesting historic landmarks, London has plenty to entertain young and old visitors. It contains a vast range of museums and sporting venues to keep you occupied during your stay. London contains a vibrant heritage which brings the city to life. From the Tower of London to the changing of the Guard, London has it all, and most museums are free to enter which is always a bonus.

Reykjavik – Iceland

Probably one of the safest destinations on this list, by venturing beyond the city limits offers a once in a lifetime experience where your family will get to witness the wonders of the natural world: thermal hot springs, the Northern Lights and the myriad adventures with Icelandic horses will make your kids feel like there experiencing something from a fantasy book whilst you sit back relax and enjoy the euphoric views that are displayed before you.

Paris – France

This has to be on the list of top destinations for families! One of the most visited cities in all of Europe, from street performers at every turn to tasty treats and obviously Disneyland Paris. In addition to this, you have the Eiffel Tower which is one of the biggest attractions across the world and if that isn’t enough, you have the Luxembourg Gardens which is a place that will get your kids enjoying the outdoors with activities such as sailboat races, riding the famous carousel and visiting nearly 100 statues that line the park.


These top destinations are all perfect for families to discover together and with so much more of Europe out there your adventures are only just beginning.