Meccano Micronoid Programmable Robot Socket

Meccano Micronoid programmable robots are small toy robots suitable for age 8+ which you can build, programme and play with. Made from plastic Meccano sections bolted together with metal nuts and bolts, they have a strong motor and a clever little brain.


We’ve been given Socket to review. The packaging is easy to open and the set includes a Meccano spanner and screwdriver, so you’ll need no other tools.


This is Meccano, and your robot does not arrive assembled. He is built from 123 pieces, which takes a couple of hours and is right to be for age 8+, as younger children will get frustrated.


The build is fun, the shape evident immediately, but it requires some dexterity and an understanding of how to use a spanner to best advantage. The instruction manual includes hints and tips as well as the build instructions, and is very useful, especially for beginners.


Once you’ve completed your Micronoid, and inserted the necessary 4 x AAA batteries, then it’s time to play. Micronoids have 4 different modes:

8-Ball – the Micronoid will answer questions.

Dance – Socket really likes to dance, although he is a bit robotic.

Autonomous – the Micronoid is free to act and react spontaneously

Sleep – off!

Programmable – In 8-Ball mode Micronoids can also be programmed to record and playback movement and sound. The replay is slightly faster than the original, giving a higher pitch and making voices almost unrecognisable, although you can still understand every word.

You can see the Micronoids programming and replay in action in my short Basher The Micronoid Video Review, but it really is incredibly simple to use – once you get the hang of the jerky movement system for the Micronoids and don’t over-estimate every turn.

As we have the Basher Meccano Micronoid, it would have been remiss not to bring them together and see how they interact. They are on the table together because wherever I put them they head towards each other anyway…

There are 3 different Meccano Micronoids available – Basher, Socket And Switch. Loads of fun on their own, they don’t need a friend – although they will dance more! Distributed by Spinmaster rrp £39.99. Currently, £29.99 in Smyths.

Review by Jenny from The Brick Castle