Guest post – Survival Tips for Parents Travelling With Kids

Everyone who has children knows how they can turn every single event into a rollercoaster adventure. Particularly the younger kids because their gestures and actions can be pretty unpredictable. Kids bring a lot of joy, but it is all fun and games until someone starts crying. And you know how they say, small kids – small problems, big kids – big problems; but there is one thing that challenges the nerves and the patience of every parent, and that is travelling with kids.

Whether it is just a car ride to the next town, a plane trip, or a bus ride, you never know how it is going to turn out with the kids. It does not mean anything if that is their first or seventh travel, if they woke up grumpy that day, pack your nerves of steel because it is going to be one long journey. No matter how many toys or gadgets you pack, you can never predict a child’s mood, so prepare to have both good days and bad days. Instead of worrying too much or trying to make everything perfect, relax, and cherish those moments away from home, make them memorable.

Should We Stay or Should We Go?

Every child is different, but who knows them better than their parents? That is why parents should rely on their instincts and customize some general rules. Do not hesitate to travel with your kids. Since there are more questions and insecurities about younger kids, we are going to focus on them and share with you some tips and tricks for travelling with your youngest.

Before You Go


  • When it comes to the amount of stuff, the main thing is not to overpack. Remember that anything you might need can be easily bought. Bring enough clothes to change, but do not pack the entire closet. Think in advance how many changes will your child have, and bring an extra outfit or two, just in case.
  • Think before you book. Consider if a place has stairs or elevator, is it uphill, downhill is it in the loud surroundings, etc. Because what worked well when there were only two of you, probably would not work now when you have a child, a stroller, a backpack, and who knows what else to carry.
  • Depending on the age you are probably thinking about whether to bring a stroller, baby carriage, etc. They can be pretty useful on the go since kids can even nap in them. Do not forget to check if your accommodation has available cribs. If not, portable travel cribs for kids are a cheap solution, and you can always use them back at home.
  • Hotels have many advantages, prepared meals, room service, cleaning, which is all very convenient for kids. But renting a private apartment means that you can have more freedom and feel like home. You can prepare particular meals for your child, or easily wash some of their clothes.
  • Carry on the bag. Your carry on bag can be used as a nappy bag with all the necessary things such as wet wipes, pacifiers, diapers, snacks, spare clothes, toys, pillows, headphones, etc. Put everything that you may need during the flight to entertain the kids.
  • Make checklists of things you need to pack for your carry on bag and each suitcase. This way, you will avoid overthinking and worrying because there will be fewer chances to forget something. Research your destination, places to see, what to eat, amusement parks, entrance tickets, etc.

At The Destination

  • Summer vacay. Sandy beaches, crystal clear water, sunbeds, are a match made in heaven, but what are you going to do if your child does not fancy going into the sea, or the waves are too big? Pools can be much more kid-friendly.
  • The biggest concern with kids is safety, so car seats are a must if you are driving a car. Give kids enough information, make sure they know the name of your hotel or street, and consider giving them ID bracelets with their name and some basic info.
  • Talk to them. When the kids are old enough to understand what is going on, it is essential to explain everything to them, whether it is a boarding procedure or a flat tire. Also, talk about nature, monuments, culture, customs, about anything new and exciting.
  • Keep calm and enjoy it. If everybody is looking at you while your child is screaming in a restaurant, do not let that trigger you to make a scene. Take a deep breath. Always keep an eye on your children, but let them do their thing, let them explore, fall, cry, drink salt water, laugh with them, and create memories.

We hope some of our recommendations will be helpful to prepare you before you start this crazy adventure of travelling with children. It is nothing like a vacation with your friends or partner, but once you get relaxed, you will realize that it does not get much better than travelling together as a family.

Author Bio:

Selena Thomas is a content writer who loves sharing tips on healthy lifestyles. A writer by day and a reader by night, she’s fond of writing articles that can help people in improving both physical and mental health. Also, she loves travelling and inspires people on her blogs.