Candylocks – Sugar Style deluxe Lacey Lemonade doll and single assortment

Candylocks dolls from Spinmaster are a new doll to hit toy shops this year and we were very excited to be sent some to review. Candylocks are available as a single scented surprise 3-inch doll blind packs, sweet treat BFFs twin pack or as 17-inch sugar style deluxe dolls.

We received a Candylocks 17 inch Sugar Style Deluxe Lacey Lemonade doll (also available as Straw Mary) and a single scented surprise 3-inch doll.

The 3-inch single scented surprise doll comes in a candyfloss style packaging and contains one doll and two blind bags. The Candylocks 3-inch doll comes with 38 inches of super soft candy floss inspired hair. The hair is easy to play with and can be styled in lots of different ways. The Candylocks dolls also have a sweet scent although this does disappear fairly quickly.

Inside the blind bags, you will find 2 hairpins, a hair twirler and 3 hair gems that match the theme of the doll. There are currently 20 Candylocks dolls to collect that have different themes, smells and outfits. You can see the colour of the doll’s hair from the external packaging which allows you to choose ones that are different to ones you already own so they are not 100% blind.

The Candylocks 17cm Deluxe dolls come with accessories, hair chalk and a hair extension piece. Lacey Lemonade has a refreshing lemonade smell and has a style that matches her name.

With a lemon wedge purse and an outfit with citrus detailing she looks and smells fabulous. The Deluxe dolls come with 30 cm of hair that can be styled easily by small hands and that holds its style well.

The hair extension and hair chalk can be used on the Candylocks doll or on yourself.

I have to say that although I am not a lover of dolls I really like the hair on these Candylocks dolls. It is very tactile, easy to play with and looks great. Some of the hair does fall out if you try to brush it but we found that you didn’t need to brush it to be able to play with it and this is why the dolls do not come with a comb or brush.

We would definitely recommend Candylocks dolls to kids who enjoy hair play as this is the main activity with these dolls and I found the larger doll was better for this although the smaller dolls have longer hair.