So Magic DIY – Wonder Magic Garden

We have really enjoyed using the various So DIY products that we have been sent so when we heard about the So Magic DIY Wonder Magic Garden we decided to give it a try. We were sent this set free of charge.

The So Magic DIY Wonder Magic Garden set allows you to create your own zen sand garden with a slime oasis and a terrarium where you can plant one of two magic trees. You also get some accessories to decorate your garden,

Included in the box was a garden base, coloured stones, 4 cute collectable character figures, rainbow and arch decorations, 5 colours of sand, blue slime, 2 double-sided tools and two magic trees with the powder you need to make these grow.

We really enjoyed making our zen garden and trying to create different patterns in the sand using the provided tools. There was more than enough sand to decorate this area and we even had some left. The slime was hard to place in the pool area but we managed to flatten it in eventually and I had to help with this bit using my knuckles.

Alison really enjoys sets like this and in the past has used similar items like magic snowmen so she understood about how the item will crystalise to add effects to the cactus or tree that you plant in this set. It doesn’t take long for this to happen and within a few hours, we could see our cactus starting to sprout.

This was a great afternoons activity but I am not sure about the longevity of the set. However, that is like the So Slime DIY sets as once you have made all of the slimes, the rest of the set is a bit of a waste.