Step inside number four Privet Drive for the very first time at WB Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter

For the very first time visitors at WB Studio Tours will be able to step inside number four, Privet Drive and look into the Dursleys’ living room as the exterior set is opened for the 15th anniversary celebrations of the film, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. From Friday 27th May to Monday 6th June


From Friday 27th May to Monday 6th June, you will be able to walk through the front door into the Dursleys front room and see hundreds of Harry’s Hogwarts letters suspended in the air. The Muggle home of the Dursleys will also be filled with some of the fabulous pieces of quirky furniture and upholstery which were used on the set and these will be on display alongside some of the Dursleys costumes.



WB Studio Tours London – The Making of Harry Potter is filled to the rafters with some of the best props and amazing sets from the films and every single time I have visited I have found something new and amazing to look at and I cant wait to be able to get a look into life at the Dursleys and to share this with you all.


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