The Health Benefits of a Standing Desk

It may seem hard to believe, especially at the end of an exhausting day, but too much sitting down can be bad for you. The problem is we’ve become such a sedentary society that what was once a welcome break is now a way of life. Evidence suggests that office workers who spend most of their working day sitting are storing up major health problems.

Standing versus Sitting

The NHS last year highlighted a report that linked excessive sitting, particularly in office-based work, with higher risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some cancers. The report strongly recommended that office workers should spend at least two hours of their working day standing.

This has joined a body of research, including a British Medical Journal article reported by the Telegraph that suggests reducing the amount of sitting we do — as opposed to actively exercising — could be an effective anti-ageing technique.

Standing in the Office
This is all very well, but how are we supposed to avoid sitting if we have an office job? The answer is to use height adjustable desks, an idea that’s been growing in popularity worldwide, especially in Scandinavia where 90% of office workers spend part of the day on their feet.

It’s not a new idea. Standing at a desk was commonplace in the 19th century, while well-known figures such as Churchill always stood to work.

Some Standing Desks
Leading London supplier Back 2 Ltd provide a range of standing desks for different needs and tastes. These are just a few:

  • The ConSet 501-17 Rectangular Height Adjustable Electric Desk is a simple, elegant design which, like all the standing desks supplied by Back2, can be adjusted at the press of a button.
  • The ConSet 501-11 Centre Cut Height Adjustable Desk is not only shaped for easier working, but also has a lifting capacity of 150kg, despite its light design.
  • The ConSet 501-11 3-Legged L-Shaped Electric Desk provides extra space, and its Bosch motor makes light work of lifting a loaded surface.
  • The Back2 Sit-Stand Desk offers the ultimate in versatility and is easily adjustable for the perfect height, whether you want to stand or sit. As the Guardian reports, sit-stand desks are growing in popularity, offering the user complete control.
  • The Herman Miller Alvar Lite Electric Desk is an adjustable desk from an iconic designer of innovative office furniture.
  • The ConSet 501-27 Child & Young Adult Rectangular Electric Desk offers your children the benefits of this pioneering technology.

All these adjustable desks from Back2 are elegant pieces of furniture and come in a range of finishes for the desktop.