Snow Play At Chill Factore 

On Saturday 15th June we had the chance to go along to Chill Factore near the Trafford Centre with a bunch of other bloggers and play in the snow. I managed to rope Alex Winters and his family in too and he was threatening a snow fight on twitter in the days leading up to the event.


The day started out calmly for us in the Snow play area. The girls were in the same group and enjoyed using the small sledges on the tiny slope. Elizabeth managed to find a tube and she started using that. She really enjoyed it and felt safer in the tube than on the small sledges.

The adults had just as much fun as the children in the snow play area and we were soon zipping down the small slope too.


The girls loved the new carousel ride although they did say they wanted it to go faster.

We even went sledging together but we were so fast Hubby couldn’t get a photo of us. Alison loved playing on the snow rides but she had more fun just playing in the snow. They are still adding snow to the snow play area which should enable you to build snowmen and snow balls but when we went it wasn’t quite ready.


Elizabeth did enjoy making snow angels which is something she hasn’t done before. I went on the last tubing slopes and it was really fun watching the other bloggers having a go as well.

Chill Factore as a whole is obviously not just for kids but I never expected to have so much fun in the snow play area and the pizza’s from the restaurant upstairs were divine. It was lovely to catch up with the other bloggers too.