In the mood for Christmas

This week is all about Christmas. On Tuesday I was at the Evolution PR Christmas in July event and this Saturday sees me at the MiComms Christmas in July event too. Everywhere I look everyone is talking Christmas. I mean it is only July!

For the last few years I have paid into a monthly savings club and then spent a fortune on all the kids including nieces and nephews but this year I decided that I was going to do things a little differently. We are spending Christmas day with family so I know that the girls will be spoilt rotten by their Nanny and aunties and Christmas is not all about the amount of money you spend.

The girls get sent lots of new toys to review throughout the year and it is lovely that they have this amazing opportunity but it kind of devalues their love of presents. Recently I have noticed a funny thing. The girls love boxes. They love using their imagination and turning them into cars and rockets and boats. Any box big enough for them to sit in is soon transformed into a fantastic toy with just the use of their imagination. The girls also love bubble wrap. They will jump on it, scrunch it, sit on it and cuddle it. If you add to those the love of balloons and some bubbles and I think I have the perfect main present for the girls and it won’t cost me very much.

I am also looking at making Christmas more festive and hands on for the girls. Gone are the shop bought decorations and in with the craft supplies. Gone are the cheap tacky gifts for teachers and relatives and in come the homemade gifts.

What I want to know is what would you say would be an easy Christmas decoration or gift to make with the girls? I made truffles last year and will do so again for teachers and maybe grandparents. I am sure you have loads of ideas of suitable things and if you have written any blog posts about them please leave the links too.