Shoryu Ramen – Beautiful food in a welcoming atmosphere

We love eating out as a family and we are always willing to try new restaurants so when we were invited to Shoryu Ramen I couldn’t wait to say yes. Both of my girls are a little bit obsessed with Japan right now and they are desperate to travel there so getting them to eat some traditional Japanese food seemed like the right place to start.

As we are quite adventurous with our food and because our waiter was very knowledgeable about the food we just asked him to serve us a selection of dishes which he thought showed off their menu the most and provided us with some delicious flavours, he did not disappoint.

For our starter, he recommended the Chicken Wings, Takoyaki and Shoryu Pork Bun. The Chicken Wings were deep fried and so good that Alison helped us to eat them all. The Takoyaki was the tastiest thing I ate at Shoryu Ramen. They are deep fried Octopus balls with Japanese mayo, takoyaki brown sauce, bonito flakes and aonori. Hubby loved the Shoryu Pork Buns which was a traditional fluffy bun filled with Char Sui BBQ pork belly with a Japanese mayo.

The kid’s menu consisted of Edamame beans to start which my girls love, followed by ramen or chicken and rice. Both of my girls enjoy ramen but had never had a white natural ramen before so they opted for that one. I have to say that the Ramen soup was lovely and creamy and had a very unusual yet delicious taste.

For our main course, we were served a Kimchi Seafood Tonkotsu and a selection of Hakata Yakitori skewers with rice. The Kimchi Seafood Tonkotsu was a fiery kimchi broth filled with a variety of seafood pieces, a nitamago egg and a selection of vegetables. The flavours in this dish were amazing and it definitely had a nice kick to it.

After fighting off my kids, I managed to get a taste of each of the Hakata Yakitori skewers. We had Yotsumi chicken thigh, beef teriyaki and Kurobuta (Berkshire black pork belly). Alison loved the Kurobuta so I didn’t get much of that but the mouthful I did have was very enjoyable.

For pudding, we took advantage of the Sunday 2-4-1 Matcha Sundae offer. There are some fantastic offers at Shoryu Ramen including 2-4-1 Cocktails during ‘Happy Saki Hour’ which is daily between 5pm and 8pm, 2-4-1 buns on a Monday and a set menu for lunch and dinner on Monday to Friday.

We loved our meal at Shoryu Ramen and my girls have already asked when we will be going back.

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