Seaworld Orlando – Fast rides and Fun times

Day three of our Florida adventures saw us heading to Seaworld. We visited Seaworld back in 2015 and it is a great place to spend a day if you want something a little quieter than the bigger theme parks.

We purchased Quick Queue passes for SeaWorld which meant that the rides that we did want to go on were easy to access without queuing. These sorts of fast passes do add to the cost of a trip but if you are doing only one day at each park then I definitely recommend spending the extra. After all, time is money and standing in queues is a waste of time. That being said if there was one park that I would sacrifice these passes then this would be the park as the queues were not too big on any of the rides I went on with the girls (although the bigger rides that the other adults in our party went on had bigger queues).

There were loads of different animals to see and I loved the fact that there were different areas to explore. The Antarctic area was my favourite and the Antartica: Empire of the Penguin ride was lots of fun although if you do suffer from motion sickness I recommend the mild version because I was feeling a little green afterwards although everyone else thought the wild version was awesome. You get to see the same thing it is just your journey that is a bit gentler. I loved the fact that at the end of the ride you came out in the penguin enclosure, it really was special.

Another place we loved was the Dolphin Nursery where the girls spent ages just watching the baby dolphins and their mums swim around the tank.

One of my favourite moments was feeding the Sealions. This is an added expense and it isn’t cheap at $10 for 3 trays of fish but it is hilarious and definitely worthwhile. We had a brilliant experience with one of the Sealions who not only barked at us to feed him but also kept waving to get the girls attention and stop them feeding the other Sealions. They found it hilarious and I am sure it will be something they will remember for years to come.

There are lots of shows to see at SeaWorld but we didn’t manage to see them all. In fact we opted to just watch the Orca show as Alison wanted to sit in the splash zone (something she soon regretted after getting absolutely soaked!).

We had a great time at SeaWorld, there were lots of animals to look at and learn about and the adults were able to go on lots of big fun rides such as Manta and Mako (although we didn’t go on Kraken as the queue was huge and you have to pay extra for a fast pass for that ride).

We purchased multi park tickets which gave us access to Busch Gardens, Seaworld and Aquatica which were great value compared to individual park tickets.