Potters Resort – Fun for the whole family

During half term I spent four nights at Potters Resort with both girls, their grandparents and my youngest Brother who is now 15. We visited Potters Resort last year and I couldn’t wait to show my Brother and the girls Grandparents everything that Potters had in store for them. With four inclusive meals a day, fabulous leisure facilities and entertainment until the early hours plus comfortable accommodation Potters Resort is a great place to visit.

With our party ranging in age from 5 to 54 we were amazed to find that Potters Resort had something suitable for everyone to keep us entertained and to top it all off it was all included in the price. In fact if you took out the money we spent on bingo and the arcades we only spent money on drinks the whole time we were there.

From the moment we had finished breakfast until the moment we went to bed (apart from breaks for meal times) we were entertained. The was so much to do that we just couldn’t fit it all in but we decided that we would try to do something new and each of us embraced the challenge.

Elizabeth and Alison both tried so many new things and they really made me proud in the way they approached each activity. They absolutely loved skateboarding and they really surprised me with their talents.

I was not quite as talented when I tried to conquer the inflatable assault course and got stuck.



The girls tried their hands at driving with surprising results and they didn’t run anyone over although there was a lot of competitiveness on the track.



They both jumped at the chance to go on the outdoor bungee trampolines and Alison even attempted a backwards flip although she didn’t quite manage it I was still very impressed.

The grown ups had to try something new too so it was off to the outdoor Segway track and shooting range before tackling the outdoor go karts.

As you can see on the picture below the grown ups really enjoyed every aspect of the activities on offer at Potters Resort and even the Giant Swing could not prevent them from having a go.

I didn’t get a chance to take part in the Archery as I was at the Bamboozles kids club with the girls making things out of clay but the others had a great time and even won some medals.

I wasn’t going to be left out of the fun so with a brave face and a lot of trepidation I decided to have a go on the segways too. I don’t think I embarrassed myself too much but I am very happy that there is no video footage available.



As well as the fabulous daytime clubs for the children they also put on some evening entertainment which involves party games and disco whilst the older generation play bingo and then the children head into the theatre for a variety of activities. My favourite of which is the talent show. I was really surprised when Elizabeth wanted to take part and I was convinced that she would back out but she didn’t, in fact, she absolutely blew me away with her confidence as she went on stage and took the crowd by storm with her rendition of Katy Perry’s Roar.

When the kids have finished on the main stage it is finally time for the Potters theatre company to take control of the stage and the real evening entertainment to begin. I was amazed at the quality of the entertainment on offer with fabulous costumes, great choreography and a huge variety of acts.

We filled each of our days at Potters resort with fun, adventure and activities and this blog does not even scratch the surface. With the swimming pool, learn to scuba lessons, a gym, sports coaching, a climbing wall, a bowling alley, family quiz sessions, bouncy castles, dance lessons, clay pigeon shooting and so much more I really don’t think there is any chance to get bored whilst on the resort.

If you really can’t fill every minute of every day then just walk to the end of the field and on to the glorious beach.