HOME: Boov Pop – The new craze to take over my life

So I should have written about this game yesterday but instead I ended up playing it for hours which didn’t really help with my productivity but does give me a great basis on which to tell you about HOME Boov Pop which I think is going to be extremely popular. If you are a lover of games such as Candy Crush then this game is for you but don’t be fooled because this is not a simple match 3 game. Instead you get to match as many of the same colour bubbles together as you can. 

Themed around the new HOME movie which will be taking the cinemas by storm next month it has Oh the lovable alien as its main character. 

There are four ways to play that I have seen. You either have to collect a set number of coloured bubbles, beat a score, free a number of Boovlettes or defeat a Gorg ship. You can use the rainbow bubbles to link bubbles of different colours together or you can use the power bubbles that you create to wipe out a lot of bubbles at the same time. Watch out though because each power bubble you use uses up one of your moves so use them strategically and look where the arrows are pointing to see if you will get lots of benefit from that bubble before you tap it.
As you go through the game you will collect a variety of power ups which renew themselves after use. These with them taking 9, 15 and 12 hours respectively. I love the fact that these don’t take too long to renew as you know if you are stuck on a particular level then you only need to try again the next day and you will be able to crack it. 
As well as the Boov Power boosts there is also the Boov Move. When Activated Oh flashes different colours. Tap on him to select a colour and all bubbles of that colour will be removed from play. It takes 24 hours for Oh to be fully charged again. 
To progress on to the next set of levels you will need to complete some challenges. However you may need to ask for your friends help here to unlock the challenges or wait for the time stated for them to be unlocked. This is where I am currently at, waiting patiently for the time to pass so I can continue on my Boovie journey.
You can see move about HOME: Boov Pop on this video below and don’t forget to download it now https://itunes.apple.com/app/home-boovie-pop/id901517123?mt=8