Dr Cool Science sets

When I was contacted by Dr Cool and asked if I wanted to try some of their sets with the girls I couldn’t resist. Alison loves doing experiments and couldn’t wait to get started.

Crystal Growing Kit

The Crystal growing set required adult supervision as you needed to use boiling water.

I did find that not all of the powder dissolved in the boiling water which was a shame but it still worked.

We used an ice cream sundae dish and I loved the colour of the water.
The Crystal spread all around the glass and looks amazing after just four days. It is hard to see the colours in this photo but the middle is a lovely blue colour and the edge of the bowl is purple.

Mine for Gems

The Mine for Gems set contains 10 different gems that you have to dig out using the tool provided. We found it quite hard in places so added some water to help soften it and aid digging. Elizabeth loved finding the gems and has them all displayed on her desk.

Dino Dig Kit

Alison could not wait to get started digging into this dinosaur head mostly because it contained dinosaur poo. There was three items to find including a dinosaur tooth, a dinosaur bone and dinosaur droppings. This set was easier  to break apart but we still used a bit of water to get started as it was a bit tough to begin with.
We loved all of the Dr Cool sets and there is even more sets to explore. You can see the available sets on Amazon but searching Discover with Dr Cool