Peppa Pig World birthday celebrations

Yesterday I went to Paultons park to visit Peppa Pig world for a girly day out to celebrate Alison’s 3rd Birthday. With my two girls and four of my nieces we headed off for a rainy day of fun.

Taking some advice from other bloggers I know we went around Paulton spark first and didnt have to queue for any of the rides, we took a lovely picnic with us for lunch and then made our way to Peppa Pig world.

We managed to get onto every single ride within the space of three and a half hours and although the rain tried at times to ruin our day it didn’t succeed. I was very impressed with the rides height restrictions, the smallest of my nieces are just over 90cm and this meant they were able to go on all teh rides in Peppa Pig world and loads of rides in Paultons park. We also did Adult share as there was 4 adults to 6 children so sometimes some had to wait for more adults to come off to go on again, the staff were great and very helpful when we needed to do this.

The average queue time in Peppa Pig World was about 30 mins even on a rainy day where as in the rest of Paultons park we hardly queued at all and even if we did it was for just one turn of the ride. It is a brilliant day out though and all the added extras like Peppa Pigs house, Madame Gazelles School house and the statues dotted around the park mean that even when waiting in line the children had something to look at. We will definitely be heading back to Peppa Pig world and back to Paultons Park but hopefully next time it will be a nicer day.