Beeboo Bubbles from The Amazing Toy company

When I was at Lollibop the other weekend we spent quite a while watching a man make giant bubbles with a bucket, two sticks and a piece of string. Ok so it was obviously more complicated than that but it looked brilliant.

Later on in the day I headed over to the Amazing Toy company stall to speak to the people there about the bubbles and see if I could convince them to let me run a review for them. Having never worked with bloggers before it took some explaining but eventually we came to an arrangement and I went away with a set called the Dip Stix Giant Bubble Grab and Go kit. With a brief explanation of 1 part bubbles to 7 parts water I went away to play with my bubbles.

This is fun for all the family, with Alison (2), Elizabeth (4), Mummy (28) and Nanny (undisclosed hehe) all having a great time.

It was really simple to use but the box was a bit confusing when it said use a Quart of water, what is a Quart? thankfully the lady on the stall had already told me how to mix it. My one other issue was that the bag fell over in the wind which wasted some of our mixture but really this was my fault as I didnt really think about it being so windy.

I loved the bag that it came with because if you still had some mixture left you could just seal the top of the bag again. I would maybe have made the sticks come in three parts rather than two parts so that it could be folded down to stay inside the bag when not in use but apart from that this made a great set to take to the park or the beach and you soon attract lots of interest from other families.

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