Flora Cuisine – versatile cooking

I love cooking and I love baking. I had heard about Flora Cuisine and I had seen it in the supermarket but until I got offered a bottle I hadn’t got round to trying it.

Flora cuisine says it can be used for frying, roasting and baking so i decided to do just that.

We had an amazing bacon sandwich which was very yummy after being fried in Flora cuisine rather than oil.

We had a lovely crispy roast chicken and gorgeous buttery roast potatoes after roasting them in Flora Cuisine.

Best of all we baked a brilliant and easy to make sponge cake. I am not one to measure my ingredients so being able to just squeeze the bottle to see how much I am adding was a real bonus and when the mix was a bit dry I just squirted in a little bit more without having the melt it first.

Flora Cuisine definitely has a thumbs up from us in this house and when I was at my mums I spotted it there too and if your mum uses it then it has to be good. So if you want a versatile oil substitute then this is perfect as it adds the fat needed whilst increasing the flavour too.