Mickeys Magic Show

There has been a lot of times since I started blogging when I just thought “Why don’t I live in London?” You see all the best blogging gigs are in London. However living in the North has one big benefit, its the home of Cbeebies!!

I have been trying to get tickets to Cbeebies events at Media City ever since it moved to Manchester and this weekend my luck was in, I got not just one set of tickets but two!

Yesterday we had an amazing day at Party in the Piazza watching Justin’s House and this morning we had a brilliant time with Alex and Cerrie singing along to ZingZillas, Bob the Builder and Rastamouse. The weather held just long enough for us to get home before the sky opened so all in all it has been a fab weekend.

I am now looking forward to next weekend when we will be meeting up with Alex again at Lollibop before we head down to Butlins in Bognor Regis to stay in the new Wave hotel.