My Blue Nose Friends Peanut’s LampHouse

Tatty Teddy and the blue nose friends have always been cute but nothing compares to the cuteness of the new Tatty Teddy toys created by Worlds Aoart. When I was at the Christmas in July convention for Evolution PR I fell in love with this range of toys that includes Peanut the Hamsters Lamp house. I literally begged to be sent this for the girls and I wasn’t disappointed.

There are a few things that strike me about this straight away, it has very simple but practical moving parts and the accessories that go with it are perfect for my girls age group. Peanut is an adorable little hamster that is covered in a very soft fur like covering. He doesn’t have any moving parts which is a bit of a shame but he is very cute.

The house itself is a stroke of genius, it is a toy house with doors and sliding panels and yet it is a night light that is still safe to play with but bright enough to give a gentle glow to the bedroom.

I think these toys are definitely going to feature on little girls christmas lists and Amazon have already got a good deal on them.