Little Fun Fest York Maze

It has taken me a long time to write this post about Little Fun Fest, not because it was hard to write but because there was so much going on it was hard to put my thoughts in a reasonable order.

As I was working as part of the Little Fun Fest crew I didn’t see that much of what was going on out front but Hubby and the girls plus all the visitors I spoke too seemed to be having a fabulous time. I also had lots of fun hanging out back stage with all of the entertainers

This was our second Little Fun Fest after having been at the very first one at Red house Farm in Altrincham in April. Although York Maze had more to offer I found that it detracted from the actual event as there was so much going on that you didn’t have time to do everything.

With so much that Little Fun Fest brought with shows by Mr Bloom, Mister Maker, Alex Winters, That Poetry Bloke, Mr Yipadee, Phil Fletcher, Dene Michaels, Star Kidz, BabyBallet, Hagrid and Harry and more we couldnt fit it all in and that was before we went on the fun fair, did circus skills or visited Hogwarts area. We were there for two days and we still didnt manage to do everything so I don’t know how other people managed.

The thing we loved best is that everything was included in the price (apart from the face painting but the girls were not interested in that). We didn’t plant magic beans or magic wands, we didn’t hold the animals or watch BabyBallet. There was also a lot of York Maze activities that we didn’t manage to fit into the two days. We didn’t do crow mania or climb the hay pyramid, we didn’t paint the mural or go in the finger maze. What we did do was have an amazing weekend packed full of fun and we made some great memories.