Kinect Sesame Street TV


I think my girls have found a new favourite game for the Xbox Kinect.  I’m sure that most parents today have grown up watching Big Bird and Elmo, so when I saw this game I knew from experience that my girls would love the characters (and it would be something that I could sit through).

You should understand that this is not a normal video game.  What’s great is that it’s interactive episodes from the actual TV programme.  I therefore couldn’t have any complaints about poor game graphics.

This has got be one of the rare times that both the girls dedicated a continuous amount to one video game.  Because of the TV show format, their attention did not wane the longer they played.  It was a simple pattern of watching some of the episode and then taking part in various activities.  This was praised by both me and the missus.  I can see this same setup being used for different TV shows out there.  I think Dora and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse would utilise the system quite well.

To ensure that players don’t become so bored in between activities, you will be asked at the beginning of each episode to keep an eye out for certain objects that need to be photographed by a little camera.  The game wants you to use a certain word but just shouting anything at the TV is good enough.  There are usually 20 objects to find during each episode.  It was quite funny because eventually all the family was taking part in this challenge.

I would highly recommend this game to any family that has an Xbox 360 and Kinect.  You’ll be pleased to see that at present the game is quite cheap to pick up on Amazon, going for about £8 new or £4 used.