Knowsley Safari Park (thanks to Jungle Dogs)

August 10, 2013 Off By Laura TMOT


Asking my kids if they want to go to a Hot Dog event at a safari park is like asking me if I want more wine, you may as well just get on with it and save your breathe. I always want more wine!

This is why I headed over to Knowlsey Safari Park earlier this week with the girls to find out all about Jungle Dogs. Now my girls love eating Hot Dogs, hot or cold and even straight from the tin. They are one of those foods that I feel guilty about feeding them. I mean do we really know what goes into them? or how much meat they actually contain?


Jungle Dogs contain 85% pork with no mechanically recovered meat and are a really good quality Hot Dog. I am looking forward to trying out some great recipes with them over the coming weeks.

After sampling five different Hot Dog recipes, having a lovely chat with Tina O’Brien and her daughter and playing with some fabulous Grafix goodies that were in the girls goody bags we got ready to head out in the car to look at all the animals in Knowsley Safari park. The girls both dressed up in their new Animal Onesies they were given and off we went in my car. They still haven’t taken them off and we actually have them with us at Butlins right now.


We saw some fantastic animals as we went round and I loved the Lion enclosure most of all as there was a young lion cub stalking its mum which was fascinating to watch and we also saw some lions being a bit ummm naughty with each other and playing piggy back.


We spent a long time playing spot the horned creature and trying to work out what they all were. I have never seen so many varieties of horned beasts in one place.

I obviously knew what this one was.


We then did something that I promised my Hubby I wouldn’t do.

I went into the monkey enclosure.

I didn’t use the car safe route and the monkeys killed my car!